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Cubic Dust sensor Won the Application Innovation Award of China Sensors and loT industry Association

Cubic laser dust sensor PM3006 is selected as "Application Innovation Excellent Project Award" by The China Sensors and loT industry Association (also known as SIA) in the first "SIA Perception Pilot Excellent Project Collection". Cubic Laser Dust Sensor PM3006, adopting unique laser scattering measurement technology, could realize outdoor dust online accurate monitoring and simultaneous concentration measurement of PM2.5, PM10 and TSP in air under extreme outdoor conditions. Widely used in urban air pollution monitoring networks programs at home and abroad.
Filtration-weighing method and β-ray absorption method were the popular methods used in air pollution monitoring system in the early stage. However it could not realize online real-time monitoring. The investment cost and maintenance cost is high so that it hadn’t been widely applied in the market. Also the residential laser dust sensor in civil air purifiers could not be used in the outdoor temperature environment of -30~70℃. Since the outdoor environment often encounters frost and dew, the water vapor entering the sensor will seriously affect the measured value, and even cause permanent damage to the sensor. Residential laser dust sensors have low laser power and low sampling flow, and PM10 recognition rate is very low. Civil laser sensors usually calculated PM10 concentration based on the number of PM2.5, resulting in distortion of PM10 monitoring data.

outdoor air quality monitor

After nearly 10 years of technical accumulation of laser scattering detection technology (LSD), Cubic has developed a dust sensor-PM3006 to achieve accurate measurement of outdoor dust, PM2.5 and PM10. Using a wide temperature range, high-power linear laser light source, API dust automatic Recognition technology, advanced flow channel design to achieve anti-pollution, large-flow vehicle-level sampling system, high-humidity environment water mist removal system, etc. Compared with β-ray absorption method, the accurate measurement correlation could reach 0.9 or above.

PM30006 Outdoor air quality sensor features

With the successful mass production andapplication experience of dust sensor PM3006, in order to further meet the individual demands of customers, Cubic developed the dust sensor PM3003S model,which could be used together with air pumps and PM3003S-P model, which iscompletely unaffected by gas flow changes.

outdoor air qualtiy sensor

PM3003 product features:

1. Intelligent Dust Source Identification Technology (API), which can effectively identify particles with six channels of 0.3μm/0.5μm/1.0μm/2.5μm/5.0μm/10μm;
2. Satisfy the requirements of wide temperature range of -30~70℃
3. Air pumps with different flow rates can be configured according to usage requirements.

PM3006S-P product features:

1. Innovative side flow design, the measurement accuracy is completely unaffected by the change of gas flow, and it can be used under various conditions;
2. Pluggable fan design, customers can flexibly configure airflow control equipment according to actual needs;
3. Accurate measurement of PM2.5 and PM10, linear correlation with β equipment> 0.9

In order to better meet the design andmeasurement needs of customers, Cubic has developed an online dust monitoringmodule based on the core sensor, which facilitates the design of the monitoringsystem easier and faster for customers, greatly shortening the developmentcycle.

OPM-6303 product features:

1. Real-time online monitoring ofPM2.5/PM10/TSP;
2. The measurement is accurate, and thecorrelation with β ray>0.9;
3. Built-in Cubic self-made ultrasonic flowsensor, which can monitor the flow in real time and realize constant flowcontrol;
4. Built-in dehumidification pretreatmentdevice to ensure that the product is not affected by water vapor in the harshoutdoor environment;
5. Obtained CPA measurement certification.

Since its establishment in 2003,Cubic has always adhered to the innovation of core technology. In addition to light scatteringdetection technology (LSD), Cubic is also engagedin non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, ultrasonic(Ultrasonic) technology, and ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (UV-DOAS)technology, thermal conductivity (TCD) technology, laser Raman (LRD) technologyand other core gas sensing technologies, forming two major industrial ecologyof gas sensors and gas analysis instruments. Products are widely used in airquality monitoring (indoor, outdoor, Automobile), fixed and moving pollutionsource monitoring, industrial process energy saving and emission reductionmonitoring, health care smart metering industry etc.

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