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Communication, Trust, Cooperation, Breakthrough | summer outdoor training in 2019

Summer's hot nessis invincible for everyone.

The production department supersivors and sales team from Wuhan Cubic and Wuhan RuiYi got together and launched to JiangXia Gulong Villa on 5th and 6th July. We had an outdoor exercise training which based on the theme of communication, trust, cooperation and breakthrough. Our 70 members became an unity and conqured all the challenges and tesks, while our willpower, cohesion and communication all be improved during this time.


Everybody were excited to get ourselves ready and start at 5pm on 5thJuly. We arrived the villa's training base after half an hour driving. Without any rest, we started the first training after dinner directly.



Firstly, we played the icebreak game and organized the teams. Everybody standed in the queue one by one in the training base, we got into the activity situation after some games. Soon all of us became familar with each other under such relaxed environment and got ourselves ready for next activities. All the members be devided into 4 teams, and we cooperated with each other to conqure all the challenges together from then.

The wind and rain road

After organized the teams, we started “The wind and rain road” game. In this challenge, every team members played two special role, one isblind and the other is dumb. The pretended “blind” can not see anything, andthe pretended “dumb” can not speak during the challenge, they walked throughsome distance with each other's support.

The rule is simple, but its muchharder than what we imaged. During thisperiod, everybody must follow the rules and trust each other no matter howdifficulty in the way. Only by trustingand relying on each other, both of them can cross the darkness successfully.

You are my eyes in the darkness,thorns, woods, arch bridges, slopes, obstacle ropes, dry pits, we passed  all these by holding yourhands. The first day's mission finished successfully with everyone's concertedefforts. All of us didnt want go to sleepand looked forward the next day's activities even the time already very late.What will waiting for us in the next day?

The wind and rain road

The wind and rain road

Day 2

We unloaded yesterday fatigue and went into battle situation at 7am. Not only the breezes and morning light, morning exercisealso essential for us. Being energetic, let's starting our new day journey.

Thousands of miles

The first game we called “ Thousands of miles”. In this game, everybody must holded the tunnel which made and connected by semi-circularplastic, to make sure the balls can pass the tunnel till the end without anystop or dropping. This is used to train the team cooperation.

Thousands of miles

Thousands of miles

From these pictures, its no doubtthat our teams were in high morale and going to be the winner. Everyone sticked on their own position and proformanced very well in this game. Every Cubic member behavored highly cooperated and unitied to make sure the balls can pass thetunnel successfully.

Crossing the broken bridge in the sky

Are you brave enough to face your inner fear? This is the question you have to face. In this game, everyone had to fight alone. We climbed to the 6m height briage one by one, then jumped from one point to the end point on the bridge and jumped to the ground from there. We couldnt ask any others' help.

High anxiety started when we struggled to 2 floor height board. Everybody like the freedow of flying in the sky, also everybody will suffer the fear when fall down. Therefore, someone be afraid to move on, someone in dilemma of forward or back, those invincible teams also seems be scared at this moment.

Electric grid surviving

The first afternoon game named  “Electric grid surviving”. All the membershad to pass through the grid by all means within limited time and any body orcloth touch with the grid were not allowed during the game.

It pushed all team members to obseve, to make plan and know how to use ourown advantages. When we acting and supervising our members in the game, we alsohad to pay attention onthe time for itslimited. Its impossible to finish it ifthe team no have the ability of execution.

After this game, everyone had abetter tacit understanding with each other. During the game, every member fullyawared the importance of cooperation, andbe non aggrogant and careful to complete the tasksmoothly.

A military parade

The final fighting moment came aftergood training. We started the game which named “A military parade”. In thisgame, every team chosen one commander and one coach, the left be soliders. The commander and coach lead the soliders to cooperate and tranform the instroctions with each other. One team attacted another team with the water ballsand fighted to be the winner.

This game is not only a competetion of tactics and strategy, but also a test of the tacit understanding amongthe members. The commander made the plan, the coach followed the instractions, and the soliders bravly fighted the armies. Everyone were fullyexert their characteristic and advantages, they were energic and full of power to participate inthe battle with other team members.

Escaping wall

After so many tesks and challenges, there was a wall in front all of us. Itsthe “escaping wall”, as well as the last mission. We had to cross the 4m-heightwall without any help within 18 minutes and it had to.

If only one person to do it, itsimpossible. But when everybody unitedtogether, all our 70 members made it by 14 minutes and 22 seconds.

Escaping wall

Escaping wall

In this game, someone volunteed to be the first one to climb to thetop of the wall and helped the others, even its full of dangers. Someone volunteed to be the first body ladder withoutany hesitation, even they are not strong enough. Someone guarded the frontclimbing people with no hurry. If this is the real escaping, all of us alsowill survive for we united when we met the challenge, for we dedicatedourselves to helping our partners, for we solved the troubles wisely andcalm.

After the final challenge, thebright future was waiting in front of us. We completed all the tesks successfully, we shared the joy of success, the passion ofchallenge and the gains after the training. Then we returned city with courage and confidence before the night came.

In these trainings, everyoneparticipated activitly and challenged ourselves bravly. Without excaping and giving up,all the teams' members encouraged each other till achieved the final goal. Withthis experience, we awared the importance ofthe team work,  effective communication,full trust and firm execution. It also enhenced the team's communication and cohesiveness effectivly and stimulated our potentials. After these changes, we had a better belief that only conqure the challenge can solve thetrouble.

Trainee's review

Trainee's reviews Wang Li

I witnessed the rapid development of company and continuous new comers since i entered into Wuhan Cubic 5 years ago. It was shameful that i couldnt know manycolleagues as a senior. I thought its ok for our work even we no have connection. But this training made me changed, we can knowthe friends who have same interest and go to climbing or watch a movietogether.  Not only colleagues, we alsocan meet new friends who be positve, obliging and bravly with widly mind. When wepassed through the escaping wall , the volunteed ladder partners touched me a lot. All the members sticked on no-one-leftprinciple, the sense of belongs and pride was born inside of me. Thank you all,my excellent friends.

Gong Xun

In the “wind and rain road” game, mypartner and me supported and accompanied each other to go ahead no matter howhard the way is. Everyone showed theirindomitable, unrelenting spirit in this game.

In the “crossing the break briage in the sky” game, my summary is that life is same ascareer. When you solved the problems and look back, you will understand thateverything is just little tiny problems. There will be many troubles or crisisfull of our life, we should learn to solve it with a higher lever position, notbe stucked by the visible troubles which infront of you.

In the “escaping wall” game, i realized the importance of effective communication, reasonable division of labor, mutual cooperation and trust. Everyone fighted for same goal. With these we can cohesively overcome all difficulties andobstacles!

Ke GuoHuo

There 2 days experience are veryspecial for me. Its my honor that can participate in this companytraining. We met many new friends forthis training, also our concentration, coordination and trust be improved duringthis time. The most impressing thing is that our chairman Mr.Xiong sent us watermelon around 2pm andaccompanied us for nearly 3 hours under that hot situation. I am very proud tobe one of the Cubic members.  I will work harder and contribute to the company's development!

Wen Cheng

In the “wind and rain road”game, i summarized that there always some kind person help us in our life andwork. We maybe dont know them, butthey helped us in our way. We should be thankful and try to help others whenthey need help.

Wu Ji Hui

Thank you my partner, thank you holded my hands and accompanyed me pass through the road in darkness.

Thank you my partner, thank you encourged me and gave me power to conqure the inner fear.

Thank you my partner, thank you delicated yourself to help me see the dawn ofvictory.

Thank you all, thank you let me metso many trustable and caring friends.

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