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TDLAS CH4 Sensor for Ambient Air Methane Detection Gasboard-2502Gasboard-2502

Gasboard-2502 is developed based on Tunable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, which is a high-precision optical measurement technology that achieves ultra-low detection limit and high resolution through multiple reflections in a long optical path. Aiming at low-concentration methane leakage in the atmospheric background, Gasboard-2502 can achieve highly selective and accurate methane leakage detection, with a minimum detection limit of 1ppm and a resolution of 0.1ppm. Furthermore, it boasts fast response times with a warm-up time of less than 10 seconds. Based on the temperature compensation algorithm and self-diagnosis function, it ensures stable performance even in harsh working conditions and complex environments. In addition to its core performance features, Gasboard-2502 also has an intelligent power consumption design and a long lifespan of more than 10 years. Due to its modular structure, it is easy to integrate into a fixed detector that can be applied in oil and gas industry for methane emission monitoring.
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  • Super low concentration range 0~1000ppm
  • High accuracy and sensitivity to methane gas
  • Superior anti-cross interference compared with semiconductor technology
  • Fast response to capture minor gas leakage
  • Smart power consumption design
  • Long lifespan over 10 years


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Principle TDLAS
Measurement Gas CH4
Measurement Range 0-1000ppm
Minimum Detection Limit 1ppm
Accuracy 5ppm + 2% of reading
Resolution 0.1ppm
Output UART_TTL (3V) / RS485 optional
Working Condition -20 ~ 60℃, 0~98%RH (non-condensing)
Storage Condition -40 ~ 85℃, 0~98%RH (non-condensing)
Power Supply 3.2~5.5V DC, 12V DC optional
Working Current ≤100mA (25℃)
Dimension 97mm*84mm*278mm
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