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NDIR CH4 Gas Detector with Visual, Audible and App Alarms JT-AM5301JT-AM5301

JT-AM5301 methane gas alarm is designed to detect the concentration of natural gas leakage for residential and commercial fuel gas leakage alarm. It adopts Cubic high quality self designed NDIR CH4 sensor core. When the concentration of gas exceeds the preset threshold value, the detector will trigger an audible and visual alarm signal. Through the NBIoT wireless communication module and the APP developed by Cubic, remote real-time monitoring and alarms can be realized to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents. JT-AM5301 methane alarm is widely used in household kitchens, farmers' markets, oil storages, chemical plants, liquefied gas stations and other applications.
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  • Dual beam infrared NDIR technology
  • Intelligent matrix calibration ensures excellent accuracy over full temperature range
  • Resistance to acetic acid and ethanol interference
  • Rapid response, no false alarms
  • Remote real-time monitoring by self-developed apps
  • Historical alarm data storage
  • Manual calibration free easy operation
  • Long lifetime over 10 years


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Working Principle NDIR technology
Alarm Trigger Point 5%LEL~25%LEL adjustable(default setting 10%LEL)
Measurement Range 0%~100%LEL
Response Time T90<30s
Network Narrow Band IOT
Information Storage 200pcs alarm messages,100pcs error messages
Working Voltage 110V/220V (standard spec 220V)
Working Temperature -25℃~55℃
Working Humidity <90%RH (no condensing)
Alarm Mode Audible & Visual Alarm, App Alarm
Alarm Sound Level 70dB~115dB@1 meter
Life Time 10years

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