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Formaldehyde Gas Sensor CB-HCHO-V4

Formaldehyde Gas Sensor CB-HCHO-V4

CB-HCHO-V4 is Cubic fourth generation formaldehyde gas sensor with electrochemical principle. It adopts a dual-channel structure design and unique electrolyte packaging technology for anti-interference. Through mathematical algorithms and scientific calibration, it can simultaneously output formaldehyde and TVOC. With built-in digital temperature and humidity sensor combined with intelligent algorithms, the concentration measurement is more accurate.
  • High sensitivity up to 1ppb
  • HCHO, VOC in-one design
  • Full range temperature and humidity compensation
  • Unique dual-channel design, good anti-interference
  • Multiple communication methods:URAT、IIC、PWM
  • Lifetime can reach 3 years (in air)
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Working principle Electrochemical
Measurement range HCHO: 0~1ppm;
VOC:0~10ppm(equivalent alcohol concentration);
TVOC: 0~10ppm(equivalent alcohol concentration);
HCHO measurement accuracy ±0.030ppm or ±10% reading, whicherver larger
Resolution HCHO:1ppb;
Response time T90 50s (@25±2℃,50±10%RH)
Working condition 0~40℃;15~95%RH(Non-condensing)
Storage condition -20~50℃;0~95%RH(Non-condensing)
Working voltage DC(+3. 5V ~ +5.5V)
Working current <15mA
Signal output UART_TTL(3.3V);IIC(Reserved);PWM(Reserved)
Dimensions W23*H32*D7(mm)
Lifetime 3 years (@0.1ppm Formaldehyde concentration)

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