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Portable Infrared Syngas Analyzer Gasboard-3100P

Portable Infrared Syngas Analyzer Gasboard-3100P

Based on patented NDIR, TCD and electrochemical technology, PCT approved portable syngas analyzer Gasboard-3100P can simultaneously measure CO, CO2, CH4, H2 , O2 , CnHm, C2H2 , C2H4 or any of their combination and calculate heat value.

With its small size, high accuracy, short response time, simple operation, rechargeable lithium battery, Gasboard-3100P is an ideal multi sites measurement solution to applications like steam reforming, hydrogen production, methanol production, steel making, heat treatment, chemical conversion, gasification, pyrolysis etc.

Gasboard syngas series analysis instruments can be used for measurement of the concentration of up to 8 gases such as CO, CO2, H2, O2, CH4, CnHm, C2H2 and C2H4 simultaneously, and calculate the gas heating value (caloric value) and N2 balance automatically. It is the best tool to help you:
To check whether the gas is still being produced to decide the feedstock cycle and the best ratio.
To check the quality of the gas being produced prior to use in some industrial process.
To check the quality of the gas and optimize the gasification technical process.
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Display LCD Display
Power Supply Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery, External 12.6V charger
Communication RS-485/RS-232
Gas Condition No Tar, No Dust and No Water
Inlet Gas Pressure (2~50)  kPa
Optimal flow Rate (0.7~1.2) L/min
Response time T90<15s (NDIR)
Repeatability ≤1%
Resolution 0.01%
Accuracy CO/CO2/CH4/C2H2/C2H4/CnHm:±1%F.S.;
Measurment Range CO/CO2/CH4/H2:(0~100)%O2:(0~25)%;
Measurment Principle CO/CO2/CH4/C2H2/C2H4/CnHm:NDIR;
Gas CO/CO2/CH4/H2/O2/C2H2/C2H4/CnHm*/calorific value calculation

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