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Toxic Gas Detector CTD/CLD Series

Toxic Gas Detector CTD/CLD SeriesCTD/CLD Series

TDB/LDB series toxic gas alarm detector adopts long life electrochemical sensor technique, it is mainly applied in steel, chemical and other fields for the detection and alarm of toxic gas leakage.

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  • Proprietary electrochemical gas analysis technology, with high accuracy, high resolution, long life and easy maintenance.
  • Automatic zero calibration with air.
  • Diffusion‐type sampling methods.
  • Real‐time displaying gas concentration with LED.


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement method Electrochemical
Components CO, H2S
Range CO:0-100ppm, 0-500ppm; H2S:0-100ppm(can be customized)
Warm-up time 30s
Response time T90< 20s at 20℃
Working voltage 8-25V
Output RS485/4-20mA
Woking temperature -10~55℃
Dimension 195*145* 105mm
Lifespan ≥5 years
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