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Engine RPM Sensor Based on Cigar Lighter Gasboard-8010

Engine RPM Sensor Based on Cigar Lighter Gasboard-8010

Gasboard—8010 can work independently or apply in combination with opacity meter, exhaust gas analyzer or others. It adopts advanced DSP technology together with signal spectrum analysis approach to detect rpm. This instrument is high-precision, reliable, easy to install. It doesn't need vibration sensor or pincers for engine cylinder line. Only by connecting to power source system can it measure engine rpm. It is the only one proprietary RPM sensor based on auto cigar lighter in present China. Cigar lighter RPM sensor is not only applicable to gasoline vehicle but also applicable to diesel vehicle.
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Engine type 2,4 stroke, 1-12 cylinder
Measuring range 400-9999RPM
Maximal error 20RPM or relative 1%
Response time < 1 second
Signal output TTL or RS-232
Power supply Cigar lighter or battery 9-15V DC
Working temperture 5~45℃
Dimension 144*98*40mm
Weight 350g

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