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Online H2S Gas Analyzer Gasboard-3000UV

Online H2S Gas Analyzer

Gasboard-3000UV online high & low H2S gas analyzer is designed with advanced UV DOAS technology for H2S , to real-time online measure H2S component in different biogas applications, like landfill, water treatment, CDM projects, anaerobic digestion and other fermentation processes.

CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement H2S
Technology UV DOAS
Range low range: 0-500ppm
high range: 0-5000ppm
(Note: measurement range can be customized.)
Resolution H2S: 1ppm
Precision H2S:<2%FS
Repeatability H2S:≤1%
Gas flow 0.7-1.2L/min
Inlet pressure 2kPa-50kPa
Sampling gas condition no dust, no water vapor
Response time(T90) <60s (UV DOAS)
Communication interace RS-232
Output 4-20mA
Power supply 110V/220V±44V AC 50Hz±1Hz
Work temperature 5-35℃
Relative humidity <95% non condensing
Ambient pressure 86-108kPa
Dimension 400*485*132mm(L*W*H)
Weight 18kgs

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