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Portable Natural Gas Analyzer Gasboard-3110PGasboard-3110P

Gasboard-3110P is a portable type analyzer that can be used for online measurement for natural gas compositiong and heating value in real time.
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  • PCT approved product based on IR & TCD technologies to measure syngas composition. (EU and US Authorization No.: EP2796856 , US9857323).
  • Replacement to gas chromatography, mass spectrometry.
  • Patented NDIR technology for reliable measurement of CO2, CH4, CnHm.
  • Real time calculation of calorific value and wobbe index.
  • High-selectivity CH4 gas sensor, no interference from CnHm.
  • Built-in battery for multi-site measurement.
  • Data logging included.
  • Built-in sampling pump, flow meter and filters.
  • Energy: Gasification of biomass/municipal waste/solid waste/coal
  • Pyrolysis of tyre/plastic
  • Pertrochemical:Methanol Production,Hydrogen Production
  • Metallurgy:Direct Iron Reduction,Converter,Coking Process,Blaste Furnace,Heat Treatment
  • Oil& Gas:Natural Gas,Coal Bed Gas


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Display LCD Display
Power Supply Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery, External 12.6V charger
Communication RS-485/RS-232
Inlet Gas Pressure No Tar, No Dust and No Water
Optimal flow Rate (2~50) kPa
Response time (0.7~1.2) L/min
Repeatability T90<10s (NDIR)
Resolution 0.01%
Accuracy ±1%F.S.
Measurment Range CH4,  CO2(0~100)%;CnHm:(0~10)%
Measurment Principle NDIR
Gas CH4,  CO2,  CnHm*,  Heat Value
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