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Online Infrared Syngas Analyzer Gasboard 3100 & 3100 PRO

Online Infrared Syngas Analyzer
Gasboard 3100 & 3100 PRO

Syngas(synthesis gas), which is also called as coal gas or producer gas, is a kind of combustible gas mixture of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen, mainly generated by passing air with steam over burning coke or coal in a gasifier and used as fuel for different industries like steel making, cement, power plant, and other high fuel consumption industries.
Syngas analysis technology from Cubic-Ruiyi instrument is protected by Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
Gasboard syngas series analysis instruments can be used for measurement of the concentration of up to 6 gases such as  CO, CO2, H2, O2, CH4, CnHm, C2H2 and C2H4 simultaneously, and calculate the gas heating value (caloric value) and N2 balance automatically. It is the best tool to help you:
? To check whether the gas is still being produced to decide the feedstock cycle and the best ratio.
? To check the quality of the gas being produced prior to use in some industrial process.
? To check the quality of the gas and optimize the gasification technical process.
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Lowest Range CO,CO2,CH4,CnHm,C2H2,C2H4:0-5%
Highest Range CO,CO2,CH4:0-100%
Low Range Resolution CO,CO2,CH4,CnHm,C2H2,C2H4:0.001%
High Range Resolution CO,CO2,CH4,CnHm,C2H2,C2H4:0.01%
Accuracy CO,CO2,CH4,CnHm,C2H2,C2H4:≤2% FS
Gas flow 0.7-1.2L/min
lnlet pressure 2kPa-50kPa
Warm-up time 800 seconds(auto-zeroing cycle during the last 120 seconds)
Response time <10s(NDIR)
Sampling gas requirement No dust, no water, no tar
Communication port RS232
Output 4-20mA
Power supply 220V±44V AC 50Hz±1Hz
Work temperature 0-50℃
Relative humidity 0-95% non condensing
Ambient air pressure 86-108kPa
Dimensior 483mmx457mmx132 mm (WxLxH)
Weight 12kg

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