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Electrochemical CO Sensor ECO-5011ECO-5011

Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor ECO-5011 is an electrochemical sensor. Compared with other existing carbon monoxide sensor, it uses a more environmentally friendly electrolyte, and the packaging technology won’t cause any leakage risk. Besides, our gas sensor has features of detecting CO concentration up to 10000ppm, wide working temperature range, low cross gas interference, and longer lifetime, etc.
EC0-5011 is widely used in residential and commercial CO detector, industrial CO monitoring, parking garage, fire alarm, home gas alarm, automotive safety alarm, etc.
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  • Wide measurement range up to 10000ppm
  • Battery powered, 8+ years lifetime, good long-term stability
  • High selectivity to CO and good repeatability
  • Anti-inteference to ethanol and acetic acid, resistance to organic silicon poisoning
  • High linear output characteristics for CO measurement
  • Meet UL2034, EN50291 and ROHS requirements


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Target gas Carbon monoxide (CO)
Working principle Electrochemical technology
Measurement range 0~10000ppm
Sensitivity 1.5-3nA/ppm
Repeatability ±2% of reading
Resolution 0.5ppm
Response time (T90) <60s
Working temperature -20 ~ +60℃
Storage temperature -20 ~ +60℃
Relative humidity 5~99%RH (Non-condensing)
Lifetime 8+ years
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