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Laser Oil Mist Sensor Module

Oil mist detect sensor PM3009BP is based on the principle of optical scattering, combined with CUBIC API technology can accurately detect and calculate the number of suspended particulates per unit volume in the kitchen cooking oil smoke/ fume emission, through mathematical algorithms and scientifically calibrate could real-time output PM2.5 particle μg/m³.
  • Real-time output PM2.5 in μg/m³
  • API technology for intelligent dust source identification
  • Anti-dust structure, good at dust prevention
  • Built-in heater to remove water mist, not affected by water vapor
  • Lens self-cleaning technology, long-term protection
  • Side-flow design, not affected by the sampling flow rate
  • Long life laser diode to increase the sensor life span
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C

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