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SF6 Gas Leakage Monitoring Sensor

SF6 sensor SF6-015 based on NDIR technology is developed for monitoring SF6 gas leakage. It is applicable for real-time online monitoring of ambient SF6 gas concentration. With high accuracy, good long-term stability and fast response, our sulfur hexafluoride sensor is widely used in fields like gas analysis industry, gas-insulated switchgear, industrial process control, environment monitoring, power plant and high voltage transformer.
  • NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology
  • High accuracy in full working temperature and concentration range
  • Good selectivity, no cross gas interference or poisoning
  • Fast response T90<30s (diffusion)
  • Auto baseline calibration, low drift
  • Modbus-RTU and TTL/OC digital output
  • 10+ years lifetime
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