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Diesel Particulate Filter Soot SensorZS-PM-01

The Soot sensor is installed downstream of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), which can ensure reliable monitoring of the diesel particulate filter, it helps to reduce particulate emissions by 99%, and purify the exhaust gas to meet the emission standards.

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  • Covering multiple series of car models
  • System expertise covers diagnostic functions and sensors
  • Meet the requirements of stable sensor signals, high accuracy and long service life under various atmosphere environments during vehicle driving


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement range 0< PM concentration< 25mg/m³
Accuracy +/- 1,5mg / m³(rang<10mg / m³)
+/- 15% (rang>10mg / m³)
Max. gas temperature Regeneration up to 850°continuously,
peak temperature: up to 950°C for 5 x 60 sec,
during sensor operation < 400°C
Exhaust pressure ≤2.5bar
Storage temperature ECU: -40℃-115℃;
Unpowered: -40℃-95℃;
Response time t[10-90] <20sec
Light-off time <750sec @soot concentration of 3 mg /m³
<300sec @soot concentration 8 mg /m³
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