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Diesel Nitrogen Oxide(NOx)SensorZS-NO-01

The NOx sensor used for catalyst management in vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines. The NOx sensor consists of a ceramic sensor element and an electronic control unit (ECU).
The NOx sensor measures the NOx concentration, air/fuel ratio (A/F ratio) and equilibrium oxygen partial pressure in the exhaust gas of combustion engines (gasoline and diesel)

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  • Independent R&D and production of chips
  • Covering multiple series of car models
  • Meet the requirements of stable sensor signals, high accuracy and long service life under various atmosphere environments during vehicle driving


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement Range 0-1500ppm
Accuracy <100ppm:±10[ppm]
≥100 ppm:±10[%]
Exhaust Gas Temperature ≤800°C
Exhaust Pressure ≤2.5bar
Storage Temperature ECU: -40℃-115℃
Unpowered: -40℃-95℃
Power Supply 16~36V
Typical Supply Current 600mA
Maximum Heating Current 20A
Concentration NOx: 0-1500ppm;
Oxygen: 0~21%;
Response Time Ƭ33−66% NOx: 1200ms;
Oxygen: 1000ms;
Light-off Time Nox < 100 s (fresh) ;
O2 < 80s;
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