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Medical Mainstream EtCO2 Sensor Module CM2200

Medical Mainstream EtCO2 Sensor Module CM2200

It is designed by the principle of infrared absorption spectroscopy for the determination of the concentration of carbon dioxide at the end of an exhaled breath, medical mainstream EtCO2 sensor module CM2200 is widely used in monitoring the respiratory end tidal CO2 concentration and respiration rate.

It can be easily integrated to the monitors or anesthesia machines with an 8-pin socket and the preparation of the corresponding display/control software.

CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement range CO2 Measurement Range A: 0~49mmHg, resolution is 0.1mmHg
Measurement Range B: 50~150mmHg, resolution is 0.2mmHg
CO2 accuracy 0-40mmHg: ±2mmHg; 41-70mmHg:±5% of reading ; 71-100mmHg:±8% of reading; 100-150mmHg:±10% of reading
Data interface Highly configurable serial digital interface (TTL/RS232 Level)
Response time Detector: 28ms, System:200ms
Respiration rate range 2~150BPM
Respiration rate accuracy ±1 breath
Data interface TTL or RS232

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