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Ultrasonic Spirometer Gasboard 7021(Residential Type)

Ultrasonic Spirometer
Gasboard 7021(Residential Type)Gasboard-7021

Handheld Pulmonary Function Spirometer Gasboard-7021 is applied to patients who need lung function measurement. Adopting ultrasonic technology, it is a high-tech product used for pulmonary ventilation function and vital capacity. It is a powerful measurement device for asthma checking, COPD and other respiratory diseases, evaluating lung function of smoker, chronic cough and people with multiple sputum. It offers multiple functions such as patient information management, graphic real-time display, test results automatically calculated, lung function automatically assessment, printout history test results checking, etc. It is lightweight and portable for you to know the lung activities at all times.
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  • Ultrasonic gas flow sensor adopted
  • Designed for home use, portable and lightweight
  • Without needing calibration, long lifespan
  • Real-time accurate data display, history record available
  • Real-time test report review


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement range FVC(0.5~8)L ±3% or ±0.050L (whichever is larger);
PEF (0~14) L/s ±10% or ±0.30L/s (whichever is larger);
FEV1(0.5~8)L ±3% or ±0.050L(whichever is larger)
Atmosphere pressure 80Kpa~106Kpa
Power supply DC 3.2V~4.2V (Powered by lithium battery)
Working temperature 5℃~40℃
Working humidity ≤80%RH(non-condensing)
Storage temperature -40℃~55℃
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