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Ultrasonic Spirometer Gasboard 7020 (Hospital Type)

Ultrasonic Spirometer
Gasboard 7020 (Hospital Type)Gasboard-7020

Handheld Pulmonary Function Spirometer Gasboard-7020 adopts ultrasonic gas flow sensor to measure body’s respiratory and inspiratory function. It can convert the patient breathing signal into electrical signal which is sent to corresponding signal processing circuit, to display real-time respiratory flow curve and then to calculate a variety of physiological and spirometric parameters. It can be used to monitor static vital capacity, forced vital capacity and maximum voluntary ventilation rate. And the matched software can automatically do BTPS correction and evaluate the pulmonary function.
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  • Ultrasonic gas flow sensor adopted
  • No maintenance, long lifespan
  • Multiple parameters measurement available
  • Real-time curve display, patient information management, printable, etc.
  • Dedicated disposable mouthpiece, suitable for children and adults


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Items Ranges Max error VC (Vital Capacity) (0.5-8)L ±3% or ±0.050L whichever is larger;
FVC(Forced Vital Capacity) (0.5-8)L ±3% or ±0.050L whichever is larger;
MVV(Maximum Ventilatory Volume) 250L/min ±3% or ±4.5L/min whichever is larger
Relative Humidity ≤80% RH (non-condensing)
Atmosphere pressure 80kPa-106kPa
Ambient temperature 5℃-40℃
Power supply DC 4.75V-5.25V (supplied via USB port)
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