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Automotive Li-battery Thermal Runaway Sensor APMS-3002

Automotive Li-battery Thermal Runaway Sensor APMS-3002APMS-3002

APMS-3002 is a laser particle sensor module for automobiles. It is suitable for the internal environment of automobiles. The sensor can accurately measure the concentration of particulate matter through mathematical algorithms and scientific calibration, and transmit the measurement signal to the master node through CAN communication. APMS-3002 sensor has remarkable characteristics such as accurate measurement, fast response time, less cross-interference, low power consumption and long life.
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  • Laser scattering (LSD) technology to achieve wide range measurement
  • Reliable warning for li-ion battery thermal runaway
  • Mature car-level circuit design no cross interference, stable perfomance
  • High temperature laser module, constant power output
  • CAN real-time communication
  • Key components are self-made to ensure quality and long life span
  • Low power consumption mode available


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Operating principle LSD(Laser Scattering) technology
Measurement target PM2.5 (particulate matters)
Measurement range 0~10000μg/m³
Measurement particle size >0.3μm
Resolution 1μg/m³
Accuracy ≤35μg/m³ : ±5μg/m³
>35μg/m³ : ±15% of reading
Working temperature -40~+85℃,0-95%RH (non-condensing)
Response time T90≤10s
Storage temperature -40~+95℃,0-95%RH (non-condensing)
Working current Normal working mode(continuous measurement)≤100mA @12V
Low power consumption mode(intermittent measurement)≤50mA @12V
Power supply 9~16 VDC, standard voltage: 12 VDC
Standby current ≤100μA (Sleep Mode)
Communication CAN
Dimension 60*57*31 (mm)
IP rating IP52
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