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LSF 4.2 Switch Type Oxygen SensorZS-ST-01

Cubic switch type oxygen sensor ST is also called as four-wire oxygen sensor, it is a planar 2-state λ=1 sensor of ZrO2 (Nernst-principle) with an integrated heater. The sensor contains 4 wires, in which two wires are for heaters, the other two wires are for transmitting voltage signals.

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  • Independent R&D and production of chips
  • Short light-off time
  • Low heating power
  • Less dependent on exhaust temperature (conducive to the stability in different operating situations)
  • Double protection on the top of tube to confront impact
  • Good aging resistance
  • Anti-coating and anti-poisoning
  • Compact structure (high anti-vibration level)
  • Longer duration
  • Independent R&D and production for ceramic/zirconia oxide ZrO2 chips
  • Covering multiple series of car models.
  • Strong ODM/OEM capacity, cover multiple series of car models


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Heater resistance 9±1.5Ω
Operating voltage 12V
Maximum heating current 1.0A
Accuracy λ=0.93-0.97 ( 350° ): 800±55mv;
λ=1.05-1.10 ( 350° ): 50±30mv;
Response time 600mV-300mV:<125ms
Operating temperature / Exhaust gas temperature 150~930°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+90°C
Light-off time <15S
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