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Residential Ultrasonic Gas Meter
USM-G2.5/G4Gas Meter(G2.5/G4)

USM Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter is a type of electronic meter that adopts TOF (Time of Speed) principle to measure flow velocity of gas medium, with class 1.5 accuracy and high stability, USM-G2.5/G4 is widely applied for residential natural gas metering application.

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  • Innovative ultrasonic gas flow sensor technology;
  • Built-in temperature compensation;
  • High measurement sensitivity and accuracy with intelligent software algorithm for air,100% CH4, H1 and different natural gases;
  • Long-term stability of accuracy;
  • Anti-contamination, high corrosion resistance;
  • Low pressure loss due to absence of obstructing objects within flow path;
  • No magnetic induction elements, free from magnetic field effect;
  • Low power consumption, long lifespan;
  • Low operation & maintenance cost;
  • Compact size, light weight, easy installation;
  • Compliant to OIML R137 and EN14236 class 1.5;
  • GPRS and NB-IoT solutions are optional.


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement Range USM-G2.5: 0.025~4 m³/h [0.88~ 141.26 ft³/h]
USM-G4: 0.04~6 m³/h [1.41~ 211.88 ft³/h]
Accuracy Class 1.5
Error Qmin≤Q<0.1Qmax: ±3%;
Battery 3.6V Lithium battery
Connector Type Aluminum case: Screw thread, G1-1/4
Steel case: Screw thread, M30*2
Dimensions(mm) 210*113.5*149
Weight(kg) 1.1
Center Distance of Connectors (mm) 110
Working Pressure 0~20kPa / 0~2.90psi
Pressure Loss 200pa / 0.029psi or less
Working Temperature -20℃~55℃ / -68℉~131℉
Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃ / -86℉~158℉
Protection Class Aluminum case: IP54
Steel case: IP65
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