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Cubic Laser Particle Counter for Semiconductor Cleanroom Air Cleanliness Monitoring

According to a recent World Fab Forecast issued by Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers International (SEMI), more than 50% of semiconductor yield losses can be attributed to micro-contamination. For minimizing yield losses, it is essential for semiconductor fabrication plants (semiconductor fabs) to adopt rigorous contamination control strategies in the cleanrooms.

Particulate matter is one of the major sources of micro-contamination in semiconductor manufacturing processes, which needs to be monitored continuously and removed promptly.

In order to help semiconductor fabrication plants (semiconductor fabs) continuously monitor particulate matter in the cleanrooms, Cubic has provided a solution, online optical particle counter OPC-6510DS, which could be applied for cleanroom air cleanliness monitoring in the semiconductor fabrication plants (semiconductor fabs).

Cubic optical particle counter OPC-6510DS is developed based on Laser Scattering technology and could realize accurate detection of particles of various sizes in a unit volume of air. With a built-in unique Laser particle counter sensor module, consistent RPM fan, and well-designed ultrasonic flow sensor, OPC-6510DS provides a stable and high flow rate of 28.3L/min gas sampling rate which enables it compliant to with ISO 14644-1 requirement. Cubic OPC-6510DS can simultaneously output the particle number of 5 channels of 0.3μm, 0.5μm, 1.0μm, 5.0μm, 10μm in pcs/28.3L or pcs/m³and supports 24/7 operation to ensure stable and continuous particle monitoring.

In addition to the core performance and features, a touch screen is developed for OPC-6510DS to display continuous monitoring data and cleanroom levels in real-time. The audible and visual alarm function is also designed as an on-site timely warning.

Moreover, Cubic OPC-6510DS could achieve online transmission of monitoring data based on RS485 ModBus and MQTT communication, which can be further integrated into the filtration system to maintain the particle matter pollution in the cleanroom environment within a certain low concentration range.

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