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Super Low Power CO2 Sensor

NPI-New Product Information

CM1106SL-NS is super low power consumption, high performance NDIR battery-powered CO2 sensor, which can be used to detect CO2 concentration of indoor air by adopting advanced non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology. It is ideally suited for HVAC industry, detecting units with battery operation, portable instruments, etc.
CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Measurement range 0~5000ppm default
Accuracy ± (50ppm+5% of reading) (Note 1)
± (50ppm+3% of reading) (Note 2)
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
Working humidity 0~95%RH(non-condensing)
Working current 60uA (1 minute as measurement cycle)
30uA (2 minutes as measurement cycle, default in the sensor)
12uA (5 minutes minutes as measurement cycle)
Power supply DC3.3-5V
Signal output UART_TTL/IIC
Dimension W33.5*H19.7*D9.1(mm)
Weight 5g
Installation Waterproof breathable film upwards

Note 1: In normal IAQ applications, accuracy is defined with 10°C-35°C, 0-85%RH. ±(50ppm+5% of reading) could achieved under continuous power supply mode, with 4s as working cycle and moving average based on 24 data.

Note 2: In normal IAQ applications, accuracy is defined with 10°C-35°C, 0-85%RH. When the sensor is under single measurement mode (controlled power supply by host), the sensor reading output is without moving average. The defined accuracy ±(50ppm+3% of reading) is based on data moving average≥5 and range of 400~2000ppm.

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