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Automotive Particulate Matter Sensor APMS-5000

Automotive Particulate Matter Sensor

Automotive particulate matter sensor APMS-5000 is a laser particle sensor module for automotive application, which can measure PM2.5 concentration accurately and output in unit of μg/m directly via mathematical algorithm and scientific calibration.
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  • Long lifetime, more than 100,000 hours
  • High-temperature laser module with constant power output, working temperature can reach 75℃
  • Unique design of self-cleaning structure
  • Intelligent identification of different dust sources
  • Accurate, stable and reliable measurement in various practical and complex road conditions
  • Dual channel output for both internal and external PM2.5 sensor


CO2 Sensor CM1106-C
Channel Dual channel
Light source Laser
Detection accuracy -20-50°C: <±10% (100-1000μg/m³);≤±10ug/m3 (0-100μg/m³) -40-20°C & 50-70C:<±20% (100-1000μg/m³);≤20μg/m³ (0-100μg/m³))
Detection range 0~1000μg/m³
Particle size 0.3~2.5~10μm
Resolution 1μg/m³
Sensor start Time to assure accuracy:10s for TSI (accuracy≤±10%)
Output signal LIN2.1,Baud rate 19.2kbps
Product Life 10 years or 240,000 km; Continuous work time ≥10000hr
Operate condition -40℃~85℃, 0~95%RH(non-condensing)
Storage condition -40℃~90℃, 0~95%RH(non-condensing)
IP class IP5K3
Power supply DC 8V-16V Rated voltage: DC 12V
Working current ≤160mA
Standby current <100μA
* Automotive air quality sensors are OEM based. The above features and specifications are one of the typical versions. To get more technical information and customized air quality sensor solutions, please contact
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