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Cubic Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd. (“Cubic”) is celebrating its 20th anniversary at Cubic R&D Center seated in Wuhan Cubic on 22nd May.

Gratitude for Two-Decade Journey

Chairman and founder of Cubic, Dr. Youhui Xiong, on behalf of Board of Directors, delivered a passionate speech at celebration and expressed his sincere gratitude to all the employees for their efforts and contributions to Cubic’s development.

Gratitude for Two-Decade Journey by Chairman

As a high-tech enterprise with gas sensor as its core, Cubic has become a Chinese leading and internationally acknowledged manufacturer of high-quality gas sensors and gas sensor solutions after 20 years’ unremitting efforts.

Dr. Xiong affirmed the achievements and honors of the company in the past 20 years in various fields and aspects, and reviewed the development history of the company from four aspects:
• Innovations and Development
• Customers Service Orientation
• Social Responsibility Undertakings

• Long-term Strategic Planning

He also highly emphasized the growth of the leadership of the management team is very significant in the development of the company. As the central pillar and leading force of the company, the management team should take the initiative in learning, innovation, execution and service, and play a positive role in demonstrating and promoting their respective positions.

“Talent is the most valuable asset of the company. Cubic has always attached great importance to talent training and incentive system, providing employees with broad development opportunities and generous welfare benefits. Over the past two decades, Cubic has cultivated a number of outstanding professionals and management personnel, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the company.”

According to the insights provided by Dr. Xiong, Cubic will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, diligence, innovation, and harmony," never forget the original intention, and always keep the ambitious mission in mind. Further, Cubic shall seize the opportunity, meet the challenges, pioneer innovation, stick to sustainable development, and strive to achieve the goal of becoming an international brand in the field of gas sensors.

Dr. Xiong also put forward four requirements for the next step of work:
“First, to put the development of talents in the first place.
Second, to strive to implement the principle of ‘customer first.’
Third, to consistently implement technological innovation.

Fourth, to further strengthen corporate governance.”

He believed that Cubic will forge a more spectacular future with the support of all of the employees.

Deploying for Future Development

General manager, Mr. Zhiqiang Liu, comprehensively reviewed the brilliant achievements of the company in the past 20 years and made deployment and arrangement for the next work targets and priorities.

Deploying for Future Development by General manager

He highlighted the significance of "1+4" development strategy.

“1” refers to consolidating and elevating the existing business in the industries of air quality sensing, automotive electronics, safety monitoring, and high-end gas analyzer.

"4" signifies a vital focus on the development in the fields of smart metering with new emerging technology of ultrasonic gas meter and modules, automotive oxygen and NOX sensor, medical healthcare based on core gas sensing technologies, and low carbon thermal technology with comprehensive solutions for intelligent gas combustion.

“Cubic should take the 20th anniversary celebration as a new starting point, focus on the "1+4" development strategy, continue to strengthen internal management and external cooperation, improve product quality and service level, increase technological innovation and market development, enhance core competitiveness and brand influence, and strive to build a world-class sensor enterprise.”

The deputy general managers of Cubic also made speeches, as they introduced the development and work plan of the company in various fields and aspects from different angles, and put forward suggestions and expectations for the company.

Cubic Deputy General Managers

Ready for Moving Further

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company, Cubic held a series of activities such as health run and dragon boat race. Through these activities, Cubic not only enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the employees, but also shaped the brand image and strengthened social influence of the company.

Cubic Health Run Race
Cubic Dragon Boat Race

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, Cubic new Jiashan Industrial Park was also constructed for operation. Since then, Cubic has formed three industrial bases of R&D and industrialization plants, including Cubic Headquarters, Cubic R&D Technology Center, and Cubic Jiashan Industrial Park, with a total area of nearly 100,000 square meters, which will provide more favorable conditions for the implementation of the company's latest "1+4" development strategy.

Cubic New Jiashan Industrial Park

All employees in Cubic have deeply realized the history and achievements of the company, and are full of confidence and expectation for the future development of the company.

With the support from all employees and partners, in the next twenty years, Cubic will continue to develop and innovate to meet customers’ expectations and market’s demands, and forge ahead towards new goals.

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